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Limo Service & Prom 2009

Preparing for Prom 2009

For many who will attend prom this year there will desire to make a statement while joining their date to an experience that is both memorable and one of a kind. In order to accomplish this goal many will reserve the use of a limousine either for private transportation or something shared with other couples.

The choice of a limousine is a companion choice to the dress that will be worn this year. To amplify the statement made by the dress selection a limousine often remains an important choice for the couple. You may be comfortable hiring the first limo available or you might have something very specific in mind.
Some of the amenities that can be found in today’s best rides may include:
• Video game consoles
• Plasma TV sets
• DVD players
• Surround Sound
• Mood lighting
• Satellite radio

This doesn’t include the incredibly unique interior designs and plush seating. Some 21st century limos can seat more than 20 passengers.

Let’s look at a few of the latest limousines guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


If you are looking to share expenses among a larger group of prom participants a stretch Hummer limo can deliver an extremely powerful statement. Some of these luxury rides may have as many as three sets of wheels in the rear to manage a comfortable and secure ride. Many perceive this limousine type as one that can facilitate a pre-prom party among numerous on board passengers. This ride is sure to provide a fun memory for all.

Lincoln Navigator

Similar in size and performance to the Hummer this limousine may speak to a more sophisticated choice. A leather interior and rich appointments allow riders to feel as if they’ve stepped into a more elegant world, which may prove important in the delivery of a couple to prom. Privacy dividers and an onboard television can allow passengers to relax prior to their arrival at the dance.

Chrysler 300

A former Motor Trend Car of the Year this limousine provides passenger space for up to 16. The interior may be a little smaller than the Hummer or Navigator. However, this vehicle does possess a powerful image and provides a similar appeal to elegance that is found in the Lincoln Navigator.


The classic styling of this all-American car provides a tradition perhaps as old as prom itself. An iPod ready stereo can allow passengers to fully control the music they like best. Like the other limousine types this one offers full privacy and incredible appointments designed to delight the passengers and add to their enjoyment of the experience.

Custom Limousines

There are many custom builders who specialize in providing unique limousines for their clients. You might find a hot rod limousine that began with the chassis of a 1957 Chevy or a Ferrari. You also might find a restored Rolls Royce limo or enjoy the classic styling of restored 1970’s classic limo. You might even find a limo pickup truck.

The roll of a limousine is to provide the atmosphere to commemorate a life altering moment. They are used in weddings, to conduct business and to travel to and from the airport in style.
For some prom couples the choice boils down to the use of a limo or a ride in a heavily used subcompact that really needs a good cleaning. In that scenario the choice should be easy.
Everything about the event exudes an air of importance, which leads us to the dress that will be worn to prom.

Hot for 2009

Prom dresses are often inspired by what Hollywood actors wear on the red carpet. The elegance inspired there will find its way to the prom floor in your city. This year the general themes are bold and bright colors along with shorter gowns that made a strong showing last year.
The other thing to remember is in order to make the dress your own you need to accessorize in a way that compliments the dress and provides the opportunity to add some exceptional personality to the occasion.

Prom Dress Designers

What follows is a short list of some of the designers who are making exceptional prom dresses for 2009.
• Jovani
• Mori Lee
• Niki
• Tiffany
• Le Fem
• Xcite
• Flip
• Xtreme
• Flirt
• Zum Zum

Choosing a Dress

• You will need to make sure it is a dress that you like and feel would compliment your own sense of style and self-expression.
• Make sure you have recent measurements to get the closest fit possible when ordering online.
• Consult with a local seamstress for alterations if needed.
• Expand the personalization of the dress with accessories, shoes and a new purse for the occasion.

New Trends

As mentioned earlier there is a noticeable move away from extremely formal and exceptionally long eveningwear. Extremely tasteful knee length dresses are allowing many young ladies to be more comfortable and relaxed with the evening while providing a sense of liberation to others.
This does not mean this type of dress is the only style available for prom. You can still expect to find formal gowns that provide that tangible link to the rich history of prom while providing an exemplary and glamorous tone for the evening.

In Tandem

The glory of a prom dress coupled with the elegance of a limo remains two of the strongest elements to set the tone for your prom. Certainly no prom is made exclusively of the two and yet these partners can allow the evening to begin and end in a way that will be long remembered.

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